You probably find me through Youtube. Jep, I’m that girl who tries drugs on the internet. Or maybe a politer way to say I’m one of the host of BNNVARA. BNNVARA is our public television station funded by the government. Together we made Drugslab. An educational Youtube channel about drugs. And for TV it used to be Spuiten en Slikken. Our mail goal: breaking the taboo. Talk about difficult topics and minamize the risks of drugs use.

But besides that Drugslab girl there’s more. Luckily. Otherwise I would have a major problem.

I act and host shows here in the Netherlands. I give training to children, ‘cause I’m an art therapist and I give training to undercover agents.

Sound like a lot. Well sometimes. But there are enough days I can grab my paint and make my head clear with colors and shapes. Mostly about things that are filling my mind. Mid may 2019 I’ll start with Art Talk on Twitch and Instagram tv.

But besides all those things there’s one thing I love the most and that’s giving myself and other people a good feeling. The world is sometimes too selfish. I hope I can spread some love. With whatever I do. And I hope you spread some too.